Bait Attack

  "All the fun of Lure Fishing with the Strike rate of Bait" 

Who We Are

About  Bait Attack
The company that brings to you a new era in fishing lures.
Lures you can fill with Bait!

Developed in Australia in 1998 and trialed around the world with outstanding success, Bait Attack LURES really are "All the fun of Lure Fishing with the Strike rate of Bait"  our Squid Jigs are constructed from tough UV resistant, flexible polypropylene, then beautifully finished in a high metal chrome finish, our Squid Jigs are as attractive to squid without bait as most on the market, However when you open one up and fill it with your favourite bait... It's almost unfair!

 ...BUT NOW...

The first of our Hard Bodied Lures, our 135mm Shallow stickbaits are available!

Beautiful Designs, Tough construction, Solid wire front to back for total piece of mind, Internal moulded rear weight for outstanding casting ability! SERIOUS LURES FOR SERIOUS FISH!


 'All the Fun of Lure Fishing with the Strike Rate of Bait'


Why Us?

Launching with our revolutionary new squid jigs ,and now our exciting new Hard Bodied Lures.At Bait Attack we have combined colour, action and the additional benefit of a built-in bait, to bring you one of the most effective ranges of  lures ever made, no matter whether you are fishing in  salt water or fresh water, in the brightest shallows or the murkiest depths, the fish will know exactly where your Lure is! When you fish with Bait Attack Lures 

the fish hit hard and the Squid slam the Jigs, 

Bait Attack

 "All the fun of Lure Fishing, with the Strike Rate of Bait"