Bait Attack

  "All the fun of Lure Fishing with the Strike rate of Bait" 

Squid Jigs How to use 

Their are many different fishing lures on the market today but with Bait Attack Fishing Lures you can be confident that you will catch more fish or squid.

Below are the techniques used to catch Squid with Bait Attack Squid Jigs

Bait Attack Baited Squid Lures

SLEEPER TECHNIQUE one popular method of using Squid Jigs

If you are fishing for other species in an area populated with Squid, or you are Squidding with multiple lines, simply suspend your Bait filled Bait Attack Squid jigs from a float at whatever depth you prefer, or let them sink slowly to the bottom . The scent receptors of the resident Squid and their keen eyesight will do the rest!

JIGGING TECHNIQUE another popular method of catching squid, is easy and versatile with your bait filled Bait Attack Squid jig

Just add a small ball sinker to the leader to run up to the swivel, Let the sinker pull the Squid Jig down to the depth you want, then jig up and down as you reel slowly in. The more current or wind the larger the sinker.

So down at the weed bed or up at the surface or anywhere in between, you'll easily entice even the fussiest Squid!

TROLLING TECHNIQUE another popular way to catch Squid. Just use a heavier sinker rigged to stop about 300mm (1 foot) from the swivel on your Bait filled Bait Attack Squid Jig, then troll at a speed your happy with. (2-5 knots)


"All the fun of lure fishing with the strike rate of bait"